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Cross-Cultured is a meeting ground for young, culturally curious individuals (like yourself) to explore Denver's artistic community that sits a mile high above the rest. Cross-Cultured presents its participants with a broad spectrum of events, featuring the best of Denver’s visual art, film, music, and performance communities. Using Cross-Cultured as your key, you can unlock Denver’s cultural community, meet like-minded friends, enjoy VIP perks and—most importantly—have a ton of fun!

Specifically, you can enjoy access to discount performance tickets and behind-the-scenes events–via this members only online events calendar–hosted by 14 of the city’s most celebrated cultural institutions. But becoming a Cross-Cultured member doesn’t just benefit you. By participating, you directly support a wide array of arts and cultural programming. In fact, our participants help keep Denver a thriving city while getting connected to a dynamic social scene.

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