What comes to mind when you hear arts and culture scene?

An exclusive society for snooty people with furrowed brows and pursed lips who only pause their deep contemplation to toss out phrases like Brechtian acting (huh?) or the coloratura soprano’s breath control was unremarkable (say what?)?

Well, we want to let you in on something pretty cool:

We've created a cross section of cultural happenings with nary an upturned nose in sight and its name is Cross-Cultured.

Cross-Cultured can get you access to exciting parties, special deals, and behind-the-scenes events in Denver’s vibrant arts and culture scene without making you guess the secret password (by the way, it’s Kandinsky).

Enjoying the arts doesn’t have to be buried in ten-dollar words. We prefer an arts and culture scene that pairs just as well with a good draught beer as it does with a glass of champagne.